Two Establishment with One Vision


Synonymous with excellence, and an integral part of the success story of Dubai, the Almulla Group established in the late 1940s and is one of the most prominent and respected groups in UAE, operating in those sectors at the very heart of Dubai's evolution as a world class global and regional business and leisure hub, the Group's business operations span healthcare (American Hospital Dubai and United Medical Supplies), hospitality, travel and tourism, retailing and real estate, and include some of Dubai's most important and high profile brand names.

Synergies across the Group are actively sought and built around core business management competencies and across specific business sectors in which the Group is active in the region.

Founded in 1942 by Dr. Nejat F. Eczacibasi, Eczacibasi-Monrol is a Turkish Group leader of the nuclear medicine industry in Turkey which takes its name from the honorary title ''chief pharmacist, conferred on the father of Dr. Eczacibasi at the turn of the last century. Eczacibasi's core sectors are healthcare, building products, and consumer products. The products made in Eczacibasi-Monrol are: MON-IODINE-131, MON-IODINE-131, MON-TEK Mo99/Tc99m Generator, MON-THALLIUM-201, MON-MDP, MON-DTPA, and MON-MIBI.

On 1 July 2008, with the finalization of the share transfer, Eczacıbaşı-Monrol became a 50:50 joint venture between Monrol Nuclear Products and Eczacıbaşı Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing.